Immigration Legal Services for Students & Employees

The California State University (CSU) will begin a systemwide plan for the provision of immigration legal services for CSU students and employees. 

Funding for the services initially was provided by a one-time allocation of $7 million from the 2018 Budget Act to the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) to implement direct immigration legal services programs on CSU campuses. California's 2019-20 budget converted the same amount to recurring funding to maintain the services. Staff from CSU's Office of the Chancellor have been working with the CDSS to design a systemwide delivery model for implementation.

CDSS has contracted with four providers throughout the state to deliver direct legal services to CSU campuses. The rollout of services will vary for each provider and campus based on campus needs and the capacity of immigration legal services, but is expected to be phased in over the next six months. The incremental rollout will ensure that providers have enough time to hire additional staff to serve the CSU community.

Attorneys, paralegals and/or accredited representatives from the service providers will visit campuses on a routine basis determined by the number of students who need to be served on each campus. Initially the types of legal services offered will be limited to general consultations, DACA renewals and general assistance in filling out forms such as family-based petitions.

Immigrant Legal Defense (ILD) 

Immigrant Legal Defense (ILD) is a nonprofit agency dedicated to providing immigration legal services.  One of the most critical aspects in the delivery of high volume, high quality legal services is an experienced team of attorneys who work efficiently together.  Our team of directing and managing attorneys have worked together for many years. Our complementary expertise covering the full scope of immigration law and procedure, allowed us to represent thousands of unaccompanied minors, families seeking asylum, and individuals in detained and non-detained immigration proceedings throughout California.  Together, we have launched innovative programs and partnerships that are recognized as national models for both the delivery of critical immigration legal services and advocacy. Our team has now come together to form ILD to continue providing free legal services for immigrants and families in California.

Dream Center Partnership 

Starting in Fall 2019, the Immigrant Legal Defense attorney's will come to campus to meet Cal Poly students & staff. They will be on campus twice a month to provide their services. To schedule an appointment please click HERE and you will be directed to select a time and date to meet them.  

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