The UndocuAlly Working Group at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo – a working group in the Dream Center – is comprised of faculty, staff, administrators, and students dedicated to creating an UndocuFriendly Cal Poly.

The work of the group is guided by the needs and experiences of undocumented students on campus, including students who utilize Cal Poly's Dream Center and students active with the on-campus student club Rising Immigrant Scholars through Education (RISE).

The goals of the UndocuAlly Working Group are to:

  • Support the Dream Center’s development and implementation of programming and services.
  • Build a network of proactive UndocuAllies for undocumented students at Cal Poly:
    • Provide UndocuAlly Trainings for faculty, staff, administrators, and students so that all members of the campus community can contribute to creating and sustaining an UndocuFriendly climate.
  • Sustain the UndocuAlly network:
    • Provide opportunities for growth for allies where they strategize with one another on improving campus climate.
    • Provide guidance to interested organizations about best practices in  institutionalizing undocumented student support and assessing UndocuFriendly processes.

This website provides information and resources for individuals interested in becoming UndocuAllies at Cal Poly.

For information and resources for current students, prospective students, and families of Cal Poly, please visit the Dream Center at http://www.dreamcenter.calpoly.edu

For information and resources for undocumented students and educators in the Central Coast, including Cuesta College, Allan Hancock College and K-12 education, please visit the Central Coast Coalition for Undocumented Student Success at http://www.ccc-uss.org


The UndocuAlly Working Group (previously called the Undocumented Student Working Group) was established in November 2015 and trained by Dr. Elena Macías, former Special Assistant to the President: Government, Legislative, Community Relations at CSU Long Beach.

In June 2016, the UndocuAlly Working Group became a part of the Office of University Diversity and Inclusivity.

The initial focus of the group was to bring staff, faculty, administrators, and students together in efforts to create change by institutionalizing the support of the personal and professional development of undocumented students. This resulted in the establishment of the Dream Center in April of 2017.

After the opening of the Dream Center as well as the hiring of the Dream Center Coordinator in 2017, the group began to shift its primary focus to allyship in 2018 as a continuing effort to create an UndocuFriendly Cal Poly. In Fall 2018, the UndocuAlly Working Group became part of Cal Poly's Dream Center.

For more information about the impact of the working group and information on getting your department or organization involved, please see our Impact & Partners page.

UndocuAlly Working Group Members

The following Cal Poly community members make up part of the UndocuAlly Working Group and are the main contacts for undocumented student focused resources in their department/program/office.

Department Position Name      Contact

UndocuAlly Working Group

Graduate Assistant Imelda Meza immeza@calpoly.edu

Dream Center

Coordinator Katherine Zevallos Pastor  kzevallo@calpoly.edu

Black Academic Excellence Center

Coordinator Steve Ross sdross@calpoly.edu

Career Services

Career Counselor Mallory Stoffel  mlstoffe@calpoly.edu

Cross Cultural Centers

Director  Bryan Hubain bhubain@calpoly.edu

Educational Opportunity Program

EOP Counselor Nury Baliterrez nbaltie@calpoly.edu

Ethnic Studies/ Women's & Gender Studies/ LSAMP

Professor/ Department Chair/ Director Jane Lehr jlehr@calpoly.edu

Financial Aid 

FA Counselor Adrienne Garcia-Specht  agarc275@calpoly.edu

Financial Aid

FA Counselor Delfina Medina-Maloney dmedinam@calpoly.edu

Kennedy Library

RISE Advisor  Catherine Trujillo  ctrujill@calpoly.edu

Office of University Diversity and Inclusivity

Program Manager Kari Mansager kmansage@calpoly.edu


Coordinator Kara Samaniego safer@calpoly.edu

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Cal Poly Student Support and Resources

Looking for undocumented student resources at Cal Poly? Find them by visiting the Dream Center website.

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Central Coast Undocumented Student Support

The Central Coast Coalition for Undocumented Student Success (CCC-USS) is a resource for PK-14 undocumented students and educators in the Central Coast.